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Here I am in one of my favorite places to write: at home with my computer on my lap with my two warm dogs stealing my legroom. 

I've been writing creatively throughout my life, from poetry to screenplays to novels. I graduated The College of William and Mary with a degree in English and a minor in art, but I was also fascinated by my psychology and sociology classes. After college, I earned my masters of science degree in Art Therapy and became a Licensed Professional Counselor, working at a domestic violence shelter, a mental health and substance abuse treatment facility, and, most recently, a juvenile detention center. Now I'm putting all of my focus into writing books.

My interest in psychology and healing is reflected in all my writing. I aspire to create real, imperfect characters who jump off the page. I have always believed the creative process leads to a deeper understanding of ourselves and our complicated world. Of course, so does reading.

I am represented by the fabulous Rachel Beck at Liza Dawson Associates.

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